Welcome on this genealogy web site about a family
of French speaking Lorraine extraction.

Adrien's half genealogy is german,
in Berlin, with roots in Czech republic, in Zwodau.

By our cousins, we have links in Germany ( Uhingen - between Stuttgart and Ulm).
At last, a main part of these researches have been made in the South of France,
near CASTRES (Tarn) and in the Spanish borders ( BAGES, CAMELAS, ARLES SUR TECH).

If you have some questions about these web pages,
I would be pleased to try to give you some answers.

In the same way, I'm always looking for possible cousins and ancestors.
Access to the genealogy here
See the branches of the family tree here, this link includes the cousins too

Little dictionnary :

        Nom = patronyme = surname
        Prénom = first name
        Lieu= place
        Naissance = birthday
        Baptême= christening
        Enfant = child
        Marié = union = marriage
        Décédé= deceased
        Témoin = witness
        Fiche familiale = family card
        Accueil = return to the web site

Merci wywo.