Protestant baptisms for the Comté of Salm and adjoining area.
1567 - 1624
The parish register can be viewed at Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines’s Municipal Hall.

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"Avec Nos Sabots"
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1) It is often difficult to distinguish Family Names from:
  • Given Names (Claudon, Mathis, Colas, etc.)
  • Professions (Chapelier, Munier, Bonnetier, Menuisier, Le Cardier, Le Mercier, etc.)
  • Place Names (De Verdun, De Montigny, d’Ableinville, de Ste. Catherine,etc.)
  • Titles ("Jaques Marquis dudit lieu" could both be referring to Jaques the marquis of this parish or to Jaques MARQUIS from this parish.)
2) The calendar reform context of the parish registers of Badonviller:
In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII published the Inter Gravissimas Bull by which he decreed that Thursday the 4th of October 1582 would immediately be followed by Friday, the 15th of October 1582. He thus did away with ten full calendar days, and with the "Julian" calendar.
This new "Gregorian" calendar was adopted by the protestant parish of Badonviller on January 1st, 1583.
However, as soon as January 16 of the same year, "by order of the sovereign lords of the comté" the Pastor had to revert back to the former "Julian" or "old style" calendar.
Not until eleven years later, on January 1st 1594, was the Pastor finally able to adopt the Gregorian, or "new style" calendar.
So, in order to determine the correct date of the baptisms performed between the 16th of January 1583 and the 2nd of January 1594, eleven (11) days must be added to the stated day, but retain the day of the week. Wednesday the 16th of January 1593 thus becomes Wednesday the 27th of January 1593, and so on.

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