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Index Les enfants de la PRINCESS AUGUSTA


(les chiffres correspondent à une numérotation Sosa)

1 Jeanne Marie BRANDT, o 11-8-1920 à Aurora, Illinois; x Edward Frederick WIDEMAN le 20-5-1942 à Aurora; d’où Margret, Edward Frederick (Fritz) et Jon Charles

2 Joseph Arthur MC CLURE, ou BRANT, o 25-5-1885 à Nokonis, Illinois, + 14-8-1949 à Aurora, Illinois, x 3 le 15-1-1913

3 Maude Lillian BURKE

4 Joseph MC CLURE; voici ce que ma cousine Margret ATWOOD-WIDEMAN a trouvé sur cet ancêtre (message e-mail ):

«Unfortunately, we know nothing about Joseph McClure (father of my grandfather) other than the name on the birth certificate. This is the family story...

Before my grandfather was born, his father, Joseph McClure, was killed in a train robbery. He supposedly worked in the mail car. The robbers attacked the train, killed him and threw him from the train along with the mail bags. His body was never found.

It was always assumed that my great grandmother and he were married. Not so. One of my aunts swears that her father, my grandfather, took them to the cemetery in the town of Nokomis and showed them the gravesite for this man.

Again, not so. He is not buried in that cemetery. After hearing that story, my Mom and I went back to Nokomis. We talked to the lady at the newspaper and then to the lady in charge of the cemetery. We looked at EVERY card for every plot and person in the cemetery. He just is not there. Who is there are my grandfather's grandparents and his mother. I am sure that is who my aunt is thinking of.

As for the Scottish name, McClure... it is under the McLoed or McLeod (not sure of the spelling) family. A branch.

I found a Joseph McClure in the census who matched with age and family origin and he lived in the same county as my great grandmother... about 10 miles away. Married another woman about 3 months before my grandfather was born. It may or may not be the same person. There is no way of knowing.

I am sure that the train robbery story was told to protect my grandfather. Heaven forbid that he be illegitimate! It really made my one aunt angry that I should even suggest such a thing. But I have the proof from his mother’s marriage license to my grandfather's stepfather. So it goes.

And that is the story of the McClures »

5 Ama Maggie BRANT; o 17-3-1864 à Greencastle, Indiana; + 7-11-1894 à Mount Vernon, Illinois; elle fait la rencontre de Joseph Mc CLURE et en a un fils illégitime, Joseph Arthur; puis, elle épouse Clarence LANT le 11-6-1888 à Nokomis, Illinois

10 John Picket BRANT; o 19-11-1830 à Tarleton, Ohio; + 12-2-1899 à Nokomis, Illinois; x 11 le 19-2-1850 à Cambridge City, Indiana

11 Elizabeth TOPPING

20 Oliver BRANT; o 1-1-1792 dans le New Hampshire; + 21-9-1865 à Georgetown, Illinois, x 21 le 4-2-1819

21 Phoebe WHEELER

40 Jacob BRANT, o 1770 à Brantford, Ontario, Canada; + 1847; x 41


80 Joseph BRANT; o mars 1740 ou 1741 à Cahuhoga, Ohio (lors d’une expédition de chasse; ce qui explique cette naissance dans l’Ohio alors que la famille habite la région de l’actuelle New York); + 24-11-1807 à Burlington, Ontario, Canada; plusieurs «épouses», plus ou moins officielles; x Catherine CROGHAN vers 1779 à Ft Niagra, Niagra, NY

81 Catherine CROGHAN

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